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The Major's premium, all natural kratom comes heat sealed in a re-sealable, environmentally friendly rice paper pouch. Our air tight pouches keep your natural kratom fresh for an enjoyable experience! 

Our premium kratom is packaged in a GMP compliant facility, using methods to ensure our kratom reaches you clean, and safe. Each pouch is heat sealed twice, ensuring for an air tight seal. The pouch has a ziplock seal, allowing opened pouches to be resealed for safe keeping. 

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What is kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as kratom, is an all-natural-botanical (a plant) native to Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Kratom is in the same family as the coffee plant, the Rubiaceae family. Just like coffee, it is a seed-producing flowering bush or tree. Typically, Kratom trees grow in clusters, and can reach heights of over thirty feet...(learn more) 

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Written by The Major — March 10, 2016

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World class Kratom, unique varietals, and same day shipping have earned us nominations for Best Kratom Vendor, facilitated and lobbied for kratom rights, and helped thousands find take control of their wellness. We understand your kratom needs and the sensitive nature of the product - and we are happy to hear your success stories.

Legality Update

Congress includes funding for kratom research in Appropriations Bill. Learn more here.

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