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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kratom needs your support now! States are in the process of banning all natural kratom, we need to stand together to stop them. The Major along with other organizations, and people are actively opposing state by state as legislature is introduced banning kratom. Take a stand for your right to reap the benefits of all natural kratom by supporting The America Kratom Association.     

Here is a quick update on the status of each state;  

Wisconsin - Today, The Wisconsin Controlled Substance Board held a meeting to discuss the classification of all natural kratom. Despite the great work of Susan Ash from the American Kratom Association (AKA), The Controlled Substance Board (CSB) determined the evidence required by statute to change the state's schedule 1 designation for kratom does not exist. In other words the CSB determined there is not enough evidence supporting kratom to remove it from the schedule 1 drug classification. The Major and The AKA have not given up the fight! We will continue to work to gather the required evidence, and keep the pressure on the CSB to reevaluate it classification of all natural kratom.  How can I help?

New Jersey - The process of banning all natural kratom in underway. Representative Ronald Dancer introduced Assembly Bill A3281 and act to criminalize the manufacture, sale, and possession of substances containing kratom.  Assembly Bill A3281 will be reviewed by the Law and Public Safety Committee. The LPS Committee will hold a public hearing (date tbd) to discuss the concerns of the public. We will keep you up to date with developments in New Jersey. Please take a few minutes to support all natural kratom, and email or call members of the Law and Public Safety Committee. 

Alabama - Members of the State Legislature introduced House Bill 175 (HB175) sponsored by Representatives; Butler, Farley, Daniels, Treadaway, South, Rowe, Fridy, Weaver, Pettus, Whorton, Ledbetter, Rich, Johnson, Nordgren, and Brownand. Senate Bill 226 (SB226) was introduced, and sponsored by Senator Orr.  These proposed bills would add Mitragynine, and Hydroxymitragynine commonly known as kratom  to Schedule I of the controlled substances list.  The American Kratom Association is actively opposing both bills. Please take a few minutes to show them your support.

Florida - Senate Bill 1182 was just amended to 18+. This bill makes it a misdemeanor to sell to anyone under the age of 18. Period. Nothing more. Kratom will NOT be banned in Florida! Many thanks to Susan Ash of the American Kratom Association!  

Georgia - The Health and Human Services Committee tabled a proposed bill to ban kratom. The Committee will review the bill in one year. 

KentuckyOn February 17, the KY Senate quietly announced a Senate floor vote on SB 136 (with the amendment to ban kratom) the very next day. The bill has already passed out of the Health and Human Services committee. It will likely pass out of the Senate. However, there is still a chance to stop this bill. We need your help! Please take a few minutes to show your support for kratom in Kentucky. 

New Hampshire -  VICTORY!! A Health and Human Services Committee Hearing was held to discuss Senate Bill 540-FN 'an act prohibiting, the possession, use, or sale of kratom.'  The Major Kratom Advocacy Team was at the hearing, and went on record opposing the bill. The room was filled to capacity, with a majority of those present opposing the bill. Representatives from The American Kratom Association, and Botanical Legal Defense testified in opposition, and brought much needed facts, and information to the table. The passion in the room was overwhelming, and convinced members of the committee to amend the bill to only ban the possession or sale of kratom to those under the age of 18.  Many thanks to The American Kratom Association, and the Botanical Legal Defense

New York - Members of the Assembly introduced Assembly Bill A8670 sponsored by Assembly Member Aileen Gunther, and it's Senate Companion Bill S6345 sponsored by Senator David Carlucci.  Assembly Bill A9068 sponsored by Guillermo Linares, has also been introduced. As well as Assembly Bill A9121  regarding the prohibition of the sale of kratom to individuals under the age of twenty-one.  A9121 is in the House Health Committee.  

These bills must work their way through committees in both chambers (the House, called the "Assembly" in NY, and the Senate), on their way to becoming law. It is unclear how many total committees the bills must travel through, but right now the Assembly Bill is in the Economic Development Committee, and the Senate Bill is in the Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. If the bills make it out of all required committees, they are then voted on, on the "Floor" of both chambers (meaning a public roll-call vote). If they win a majority vote in each, they move on to be signed into law by the Governor, with an effective date of January 1, 2017.  Together we can stop this from happening! 

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Please Note: Aspects of the above information were compiled from the American Kratom Association 

Written by Melissa Wright — March 16, 2016

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