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With media grabbing for a sensationalist piece, people who've been prescribed pain killers no no end date by their doctors have made positive change for themselves by taking kratom supplements. Kratom is self-regulating, and much like coffee, too much is not pleasant. As far as risks, people in South East Asia have been chewing kratom leaves for thousands of years, with no adverse effects. If you think these people are any different than the white people in US you are wrong. Plus it is opiate based painkillers that are fostering a rampant spike in heroin use in the US. Synthetic opiate treatment for opiate addiction rarely works, and you don't need a trip through the rock and roll hall of fame or a personal relationship with Philip Seymour Hoffman to know that a benign solution to opiate addiction would be a blessing in any society.

Written by The Major — February 05, 2014

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