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We've been giving free bonus tins for a while now, and it has proven to be a great way to try a new-to-you varietal without committing to a larger quantity. 

The excitement over the Winter Testers' Club has inspired us to come up with a way to share some of the fun with everyone: during the month of January, we will have two specialty varietals for Bonus tins: Brown Borneo and Red Malay.

These varietals are brand new to The Major, and they are pretty rare. We've heard bits and pieces about each varietal, but not enough to put together a description. That is why we turn to you: we need your help to construct accurate personality profiles.

Although you will not be receiving a discount in exchange for your feedback, like the 30%-off discount attached to the Winter Testers' Club, we need your feedback none-the-less!

When you order a 125g bag or more, you will receive one of these varietals as your Bonus tin. If you would prefer to try a specific one of these, please leave us a comment on your online order form.

Below are some characteristic points we are curious about25g Tin of Brown Borneo:




- Pain Management Ability

- Energy Level: energizing or relaxing

- Onset

- Sart/Finish Characteristics 

- Clarity


We'd love to hear what you have to say! Please leave your feedback in a comment on this blog post; if you'd prefer to tell us directly please send us an email at 

Any feedback you can provide would help us along in gaining a better understanding of each varietal's personality.

So… What do you think?

Written by The Major — January 02, 2015

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