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Celebrate the 239th Birthday of America with The Major! Introducing the Red, White, and Blue Pack -- a 125 gram bag of our Red Vein Borneo, White Horn, and Buntok Maeng Da!  The Red, White, and Blue Pack has been carefully selected to provide you with a varietal for the energy you need for all your Independence Day events and festivities, along with a varietal for soothing relief, as well as the perfect blend if you want to clear your head, after a long day! 

The Red, White, and Blue Pack is on sale from now, offered at $99.99, plus shipping (a $35 savings)!  You will receive a 125 gram bag of our new White Horn, a 125 gram bag of our new Maend Da -- Buntok Maeng Da, and a 125 gram bag of our tried and true Red Vein Borneo.  Learn more about kratom, and its all natural wellness benefits

Our new White Horn releases a strong energizing aroma, ideal for providing you with the energy you need for your Independence Day barbecue, and other festivities!  This balanced Mitra is 100% all natural, offering an energetic aroma, great for endurance and energy.  The perfect varietal for your all natural energy needs.   

Buntok Maeng Da, our newest Maeng Da, is the varietal you want if you are trying to clear your head after the long holiday weekend!  Our Buntok Maeng Da is calm, comforting, and tranquil.  Ideal for relaxing in the evening, or ending a long, high energy day.  This Maeng Da is plantation grown in the Buntok region of Indonesia, offering a relaxing aroma for your all natural wellness! Try the Major's new Maeng Da and White Horn

Red Vein Borneo is ideal for soothing relief from the high demand holiday weekend.  The Major’s Red Vein Bornoe is harvested from the Kratom forests on the island of Borneo.  These forests are known for their mature trees that yield older leaves with a stronger alkaloid profile than younger leaves, which results in a much stronger aroma!  Before processing, the stems are removed, leaving the outer veins and leaf intact, along with their higher concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragyine -- the active alkaloid in kratom.  Our Red Vein Borneo is 100% all natural, offering a relaxing aroma. 

The Major's Red, White, and Blue Pack is available here for $99.99

Written by The Major — June 24, 2015

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