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As I began this journey in October of 2010, I knew that I’d meet people with diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life, and I knew that I’d be moved by the accounts of recovery. I was prepared to be confronted with the occasional story that would make me take a step back and truly appreciate life. Unknown to me at the time, I was starting a journey that would take me to meet so many extraordinary people overcoming so much in their lives.

kratom stories The kratom stories came in month after month. Heart wrenching stories of amazing people whose lives were turned for the better because of all natural kratom.  The stories have a substantial impact on us, and I knew these stories would have a meaningful impact on others.  At most, I’d meet an individual with a remarkable life story a few times a year.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined I’d be meeting and helping so many people every month with incredible life stories.  Stories that started off dark, had a glimmer of light, and went dark again, were the norm.

 Again and again, the pattern was broken when kratom was introduced. Kratom gave hope anlife.  The darkness ended and seldom returned. 

 A little over a year ago, we began a focus on kratom stories with the objective of compiling 100 stories to offer as testimony for the numerous wellness benefits of all natural kratom. Now, KratomStories.Org, a non-profit organization with the purpose of telling the real story of kratom, is sharing the many wellness benefits of all natural kratom! We encourage you to check out KratomStories.Org and read the amazing stories of people whose lives have been greatly improved by all natural kratom.

Support the kratom cause and help others by sharing your story.  You will be surprised by the impact your kratom story can have! Tell your story beneath the leaf.


The Major 




Written by The Major — June 30, 2015

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