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wasy to get all natural energy It was a great time celebrating the 4th! I had enough cheeseburgers and hot dogs for the both of us! With Independence Day weekend over, its time to get back into the swing of things.  If you are like me it’s rough to get back to the grind after a long weekend. The past few days my new White Horn has been providing me the all natural energy I need. That’s not to say I haven’t been relaxing at night with the soothing relief of my Red Vein Borneo.  I know a lot of you are doing the same! Our Red, White, and Blue Pack was as popular as the cheeseburgers!  There are only a few packs left and the offer ends as soon as we are out.  If you didn't have a chance to grab a Red, White, and Blue Pack, head here for one of our few remaining packs.  The Pack includes a 125g bag of Red Vein Borneo, White Horn, and my newest maeng da --Buntok. The White Horn is the best way to get all natural energy, while the Red Vein Borneo offers soothing relief.  My new Buntok Maeng Da is perfect if you want to clear your head after a long day!  Don’t forget you will receive a complimentary upgrade to express shipping!  

Cheers to many years of all natural wellness,

-The Major

Written by The Major — July 08, 2015

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