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Despite the many wonderful benefits of this little leaf it still remains very much a secret. Many have never heard of kratom and those who have often only have a vague understanding of it's numerous health benefits. Worse still, popular media is chock full of misinformation regarding kratom, how it is made and what it does for those within the kratom community. 

Here at The Major we strongly agree with the sentiment that knowledge is power and the more you know, the better off you are! We found this lovely little clip published by Helpful Supplements on Vimeo. This video does a great job of telling a little of the story behind kratom while explaining the wellness benefits it has provided for ages. If you want to brush up on your kratom knowledge or help to educate someone who is new to kratom check it out below! 

Things you should know about Kratom from Helpful Supplements on Vimeo.


Happy hump day everybody!

Written by Noel Pinnick — July 15, 2015

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