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Many, whether they are new to kratom or have been enjoying the benefits of this all natural plant for awhile, ask where does Kratom come from? The Major has a few fun facts about the kratom leaf's origins. 

Where does kratom come from?

Almost all kratom trees grow in the Indonesian region of the island of Borneo which happens to be the world's third largest island! Borneo is an island with amazing forests, rivers, wildlife as well as various indigenous tribes. One of the more remarkable traits of Borneo is that it is the home of over 11,000 plant species! This is largely due to the significant amount of rain that falls on Borneo each year, ranging anywhere from 150 to 200 inches yearly! To put that in perspective New York City's average rain fall is 46 inches yearly. 

The rainy weather in Borneo allows for a diverse ecosystem!

Over it's fairly brief recorded history, the island of Borneo has been at the center of numerous territory battles between European and Asian settlers. Presently, it is split between Indonesia, Malaysia and the small nation of Brunei. The Major's kratom leaves come exclusively from the Indonesian region of Borneo. One of the largest rivers on Borneo is the Mahakam River, flowing 608 miles from the northern highlands to it's mouth at the Makassar Straight! The Major's Mahakam River Maeng Da is sourced from the forests that line the banks of the Mahakam River. The Buntok region, located in Central Kalimantan Region of Indonesia, has fertile soil and plenty of rain, ideal for kratom. These ideal condition are why The Major sources his Buntok Maeng Da from there! 

The Mahakam River winds 608 miles through the lush rainforest of the Indonesian region of Borneo.

Kratom grows best in the wet and humid conditions of the rainforest.  Learn more about all natural kratom here. Read more about the all natural health benefits of the kratom leaf.  Below are links for more information about kratom: 

The land and it's people.

The history and geography of Borneo.

Written by Noel Pinnick — July 22, 2015

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