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The #kratom community is a small portion of the population, compared to the many members of the general public who have never heard of this all natural alternative before. However, this has shifted in recent years as people are learning about the wonderful benefits offered by the kratom leaf. Kratom's growing popularity has resulted in it gaining attention in the media and from the Food and Drug Administration as well. 

This week an article written by Lloyd Billingsley for The Washington Times entitled "An Excuse For Crushing Kratom" reported on the governments most recent and entirely unfounded ruling on kratom. The FDA made no effort to thoroughly investigate the benefits of kratom before stating that it would undoubtedly become a "menace" and was an "unsafe product". The fact is they did not conduct any tests or research in depth the science behind all natural kratom. They simply went straight to writing it off as an "dangerous drug" that has "potential to lead to abuse." Whether you are for kratom or against it, the FDA's willingness to immediately dismiss all natural kratom without proper testing and research should be very alarming to you.  Especially, when you consider the FDA's willingness to approve drugs that are known and have been proven to lead to abuse such as Oxycodone and Adderall. Both are popular prescriptions doing their part in the $374 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. 

The article goes on to share the feedback on the FDA's report from kratom supporters as well as input from medical professors and scientists. As we all know the kratom battlefield is always changing and it's important to stay as up-to-date and as informed as possible. Arm yourself with knowledge by reading the full article here !

The wellness benefits of all natural kratom

Kratom is an all natural botanical native to South East Asia.  Learn more about kratom and where it comes from by checking out our latest video post.

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Billingsley, Lloyd."An Excuse For Crushing Kratom." The Washington Times, 23 July 2015. Web. 29 July 2015.

Written by The Major — July 29, 2015

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