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Kratom grows naturally in Southeast Asia, in the Indochina and Malesia forest regions. Specifically all natural kratom grows wild in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.  Kratom requires specific soil compositions, found only in Southeast Asia, to produce the alkaloids believed to be responsible for kratom's amazing benefits.  

Where does kratom grow naturally?

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand 

where does kratom come from?The Major's all natural kratom grows wild on the Island of Borneo. Borneo is the third largest island in the world, and is home to one of the oldest rain forests.  The Island has a rich history, with written records dating back to the 6th century.  Borneo had many desirable natural resources of the time, and the coastal cities on Borneo were major trading hubs for China and India. The Indian name for Borneo, Suvarnabhumi, means 'the land of gold'. Today the Island of Borneo is shared by three nations; Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Borneo's valuable all natural resources, including all natural kratom, make up a part of the region's economy.  

Written by The Major — October 14, 2015

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