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Posted on November 4, 2011 by admin in Blog

The Major’s got a new batch of Kratom: Lush Bangbaru. Carefully harvested from rain forests on the island of Sumatra, this high grade green powder is expertly dried and processed to create one of the highest quality Kratoms on the market with purity for which The Major is known.

Lush Bangbaru compliments the quiver but easily stands out. It uniquely masquerades as a sedative Borneo, yet the aroma shares energizing aspects true to its Sumatran roots. Overall the aroma is body-calming and mind-clarifying.

The difficulty of harvesting results in scarce availability. Currently, Lush Bangbaru is only available as a free 25 gram tin with orders over $30.


Written by The Major — April 26, 2012

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