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The Major has just received a large order of Kratom shipped to our Burlington, Vermont warehouse. Currently we are packaging the new Kratom as fast as possible. Order now to get the freshest Kratom available. Strains that are super fresh are Spec B, Premium Green Vein, and Sumatran Superior.

Major Kratom has free shipping running through July, and we've been shipping like gangbusters to Boston, Mass; southern New Hampshire, Nashua and Manchester; all 5 boroughs of New York, NJ, Delaware, Philadelphia, Maryland, and points South - all the way to Florida. West to Arizona, St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc. Even north into Portland, Bethel, and Waterville, Maine.

Written by The Major — July 19, 2012

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Legality Update

Congress includes funding for kratom research in Appropriations Bill. Learn more here.

USPS Priority Mail Express Shipping available.

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