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Kratom has many uses - it is beneficial in so many ways. Here are three important and educational facts about Kratom.

1. Kratom is a excellent mood booster and an effective anxiolytic - meaning it reduces anxiety. It's not a long-term treatment for depression or anxiety, but it does help with both in the short term, and it lacks many of the side effects of antidepressants and anxiety medications. It's also cheaper than doctor visits and prescriptions.

2. Kratom is not a "legal high," however, many ignorant and unscrupulous vendors have marketed it this way. Using kratom as a "legal high" or recreational drug substitute are invariably disappointed, and will likely move on to something else. Kratom poses no risk even to those who would try to use it for such purposes, aside from their disappointment.

3. Kratom is an excellent pain reliever and it isn't hepatotoxic like acetaminophen and other pain relievers - meaning it isn't toxic to the liver. Kratom lacks the serious risk of addiction of opiate-based pain relievers. It also lacks the mentally and emotionally numbing effects of prescription pain-killers. Best of all Kratom allows people to regain the life that chronic pain took away.

Written by The Major — July 20, 2012

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