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The best Kratom isn't an accident. It is carefully harvested, dried, and then vetted to make sure you get the best product. What do you do if you think, "my kratom seems ineffective?" Generally there are three options.

1. You and that particular strain of Kratom are not compatible.

2. You have Stagnant Strain Syndrome - this is no problem with the Kratom, just that you've become more tolerant to aspects of that particular alkaloid profile. More on SSS here:

3. You've generated a tolerance and need to decrease that tolerance. Here's how:

For years people have been using a by product of the kratom cleaning and de-stemming process to reduce their tolerance to the leaf. The stems and veins of the leaves that are removed to create a smoother, finer powder can be used to "reset" your sensitivity to kratom. 

How does Stem and Vein work? Research has shown that Stem and Vein has relatively higher concentrations of Mitragynine, but the magic is in the other 40 or so alkaloids present. Without getting into heavy detail, some of these alkaloids bind to the same receptors that Kratom leaf alkaloids bind to. With the S & V profile effectively blocking these receptors from seeing the normal kratom alkaloid profile, your tolerance can be reduced. Generally a few days of Stem and Vein is all it takes. 

We inexpensively sell Stem and Vein in 125g bags, as it is ground more coarsely than our other powders.

Written by The Major — March 05, 2013

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