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Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. We struggle to keep kratom legal, and ourselves free of pharmacuetical pain or anxiety medication, and then before we have a chance to rest, our supply is threatened.

There is currently a control being placed on Kratom exports from Indonesia, where most of the world's Kratom originates. The controls may place restrictions on shipping out of the country and also movement within the country. The restrictions may be an attempt to regulate the industry, but we are still not certain. In the US, this has created a shortage where many vendors have rasied their pricing to take advantage of the situation. Yet, others have thrown in the towel completely. We have chosen to limit the size of orders, so that everyone has a chance to make it through this difficult time.

We, at Major Kratom, believe that the shortage caused by this will pass, but it may take time. Our suppliers are dealing with the restrictions, lobbying to adjust them, and adjusting their businesses so they may be able to continue to ship. The outcome, however, is inconsistent shipping times, delays, etc. 

Apologies are due to our customers, as many of you have been waiting for your orders to ship. We assure you that your orders will ship - albeit delayed. Our situation was compounded by running out of our plastic tins - which are now in, but will wait to be filled until our kratom shipments arrive.

The good news is that we have recently been informed that we have some shipments moving toward us. We urge you to place your orders to secure your position in the queue - first come, first serve.

See the Currently Shipping Collection for what's in stock and what's on its way.

Written by The Major — April 10, 2013

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