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All natural kratom grows wild in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Kratom grows in a variety of strains, often identified by it's color, region of origin, and potency. 

kratom strains

What is kratom?

Kratom is an all natural botanical (a plant) native to Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Kratom is in the same family as the coffee plant, the rubiaceae family. Just like coffee, it is a seed-producing flowering bush or tree. Typically, kratom trees grow in clusters, and can reach heights of over thirty feet. Learn more about kratom here

Kratom Strains 

All natural kratom is often described by its color, and region of origin. For example, red vein borneo is a red strain grown on the island of Borneo. Whereas red vein bali is a red strain originating from the Bali region of Indonesia.  Most all natural kratom will fall into one of the following color categories; 

    Kratom Strains and Effects 

    Kratom strains are then usually identified by the place the leaf was grown, or the origin of the trees that produced the particular leaves.  Generally speaking kratom leaves come from one of the following areas;

    What Kratom Strain is the Best?

    Finally, kratom is identified by it potency.  All natural kratom with the most potent aroma is called maeng da.  Maeng da can be from red, green, or white color leaves.  A strain with maeng da in the name is often a very potent aroma with a strong effect.  The following strains are maeng da's offered by The Major;

    Deciphering kratom names:

    Buntok Maeng Da - a potent aroma from the Buntok region of Indonesia. 

    White Vein Borneo - a white leaf strain from the island of Borneo.

    Red Bang Baru - a red leaf stain from the Baru region of Sumatra. 




    Written by The Major — December 08, 2015

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