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Yesterday Bill and I were at the New Hampshire State House opposing Senate Bill 540, an act prohibiting the possession, use, or sale of kratom.

I can't convey the passion in the room.

From the mother-daughter duo with a brother suffering from heroin addiction, to the New Hampshire Representative fighting cancer and fighting for his right to all natural kratom, the passion in the room was overwhelming, and brought a few to tears.  

The room was filled to capacity, with majority in opposition of the bill.  Those supporting the bill, a representative of NH police, and member of NH health services, seemed to gather most of their information from news articles.  Their dry, polished testimony was overshadowed by the 15+ people who passionately testified to the amazing benefits of all natural kratom.

The opposition was in full force! Bill went on record opposing the bill. Members of the American Kratom Association testified to the benefits of kratom. A representative of the Botanical Legal Defense testified, bringing much needed information, and facts to the table.

By the end of the hearing, the committee was well aware of the benefits of all natural kratom, and was no doubt left seriously pondering supporting the bill.

There is still much to be done! Please take a few minutes to support the American Kratom Association. The AKA is the organization actively fighting for your right to all natural kratom, and they need your support!

I will keep you all up to date on the NH Senate Bill, and the other state actions to ban all natural kratom.


Written by The Major — February 17, 2016

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