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A news report in Thailand suggests that Kratom may be taken off their narcotics list. They cite Kratom's mildness for the change. 

Justice minister pushes for legalisation of the herb, citing medicinal properties

The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) is responding positively to the proposed legalisation of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), which is currently on the narcotics list.

The ONCB will be meeting with the Food and Drug Administration, the Public Health Ministry and the National Police Office next week to discuss whether kratom should be removed from the list.

Available records show that Thailand is the only country that describes kratom as a narcotic.

"We will listen to the opinions of all relevant parties," ONCB secretary-general Pongsapat Pongcharoen said yesterday.

Justice Minister Chaikasem Nitisiri, who is pushing for the legalisation, said he grew up in Bangkok's Thon Buri area where kratom was grown and used, and he had never encountered anybody going into a drug-crazed stupor from its consumption.

"In fact, kratom was used as a traditional medicine in the past," he said, adding that he did not wish to promote the use of kratom, but believed it may distract people from using harmful drugs like methamphetamine or crystal-meth.

"Caffeine in coffee and energy drinks is also more addictive than kratom," he added.

Meanwhile, Dr Anek Yomchinda, chief of the Central Institute of Forensic Science, admitted that preliminary studies showed that kratom did indeed have medicinal properties.

"In New Zealand, it is a component in the production of painkillers and antibiotics," he said.

A Senate-appointed committee, tasked with studying the pros and cons of kratom use, has found that the plant contains mitragynine, which serves as an analgesic. While its pain-easing effect is about 10 times weaker than morphine, it does not have an adverse effect on the respiratory system nor does it cause nausea, the committee said. There are also no records to show that kratom consumption might be behind crimes.

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Written by The Major — August 29, 2013

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