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David DiSalvo, originally wrote an article for Forbes bashing Kratom, until he learned what it was for, and how much it helps those that need it.As the buzz about the health benefits of Kratom spreads, we are seeing more and more articles about what Kratom does, and how the public should think of it in comparison to other energy/pain-reducing supplements. David DiSalvo is a science and technology contributor to Forbes magazine, and he recently conducted his own experiment on the usage of Kratom. For a number of weeks, DiSalvo used different strains of Kratom in both powder and tablet form, from a few different vendors. From a purely curious and non-biased point of view, DiSalvo describes how he felt after taking the Kratom, the differences he felt in between types of strains, or between powder/tablets, and also how he felt when he stopped taking Kratom after his body had become used to it.

DiSalvo's experience is yet another example of how safe and effective Kratom is when taken at the correct amount, just like any over-the-counter medicine or caffeinated beverage that helps the average adult get through a long day. Many people worry about becoming addicted to the substance, but Kratom is an all natural product derived from the leaves of the Korth tree, totally free of man-made chemicals and synthetics, and many people are finding that the "withdrawal" effect is nothing compared to that of coffee, yet Americans are still drinking 400 million cups of coffee per day. 

It is a natural reaction for people to worry about the negative effects of something they don't know much about, but that worry can be quickly relieved with a bit of education and open-mindedness. If they don't want to take it from satisfied Kratom users, at least now they can take it from a guy who writes for Forbes: "I can see no reason why it should be banned, or on what basis such a product would be banned if people can walk into a typical coffee shop and buy an enormous cup of an addictive substance that’s arguably more potent than any Kratom available anywhere."


Check out DiSalvo's article here:

Written by The Major — September 18, 2013

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