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Two years ago, the state of Indiana banned the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, by adding them to the synthetic drug bill 1196. These alkaloids among many others are found in Kratom, and their presence on the bill leaves plain leaf Kratom in a grey area as it naturally contains these alkaloids. The way the bill is written, it would seem that the Indiana government is only concerned with synthetic 7-HM, but we each should do our part to make sure that 7-HM is removed from the list and natural ground Kratom leaf, like what we sell here at Major Kratom, is out of the grey area.

Senator Dennis Kruse is a good man to have taken this matter so seriously and stood up for what is really a much bigger issue in healthcare. Please write him and show your support and gratitude. This is imperative for the future of this plant. If you only take one action to help with keeping kratom legal, do this! 

Link to the bill:

Senator Kruse's email:

Written by The Major — October 16, 2013

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