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We've been informed that the DEA's ridiculous attempt to ban kratom is has been delayed - and we will be taking orders again ASAP and resume shipping a couple days later this week. Scroll down for Kratom in stock.

Initially, it is a two-week reprieve, but it could be up to 60 days. The key is to continue to contact your senators and representatives. Your stores will continue to bolster our cause.

This doesn't mean that the ban is off the table. Or that we can let up. From The American Kratom Association: this is the result of "Endless Pressure-Endlessly Applied.

The DEA will be releasing a statement in the next few days about opening a public comment period and exactly what that will look like. Obviously we are going to need to flood them with comments!
Aside from every single person writing in with their testimonies, we will need to get as many medical professionals (preferably MDs) and scientists to submit comment and testimony as we possibly can to challenge the claims that Kratom is an opiate and that it has no medicinal use.
This is a very big deal y'all. Regardless of what happens, it means our voices have been heard!!!"

Call, tell them your age and occupation, that you are a responsible consumer of the botanical kratom because it has *helped you by ______ and ask that they sign the Hatch Dear Colleague letter requesting the DEA to delay the proposed scheduling of Kratom "to allow for both a public comment period and sufficient time for the DEA to outline it's evidentiary standards to the Congress on the justification of this proposed action."

Call 202-224-3121 and press option #1 for Senate. Find and e-mail your senator here

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Thank you for your kind words and notes, we hate to keep you on the rollercoaster, but we are happy to have some good news,
The Major

Written by The Major — October 03, 2016


Kristine Brown:

Hi Your company is listed as a vendor on a FB page I am a member of. It seems that all of your products are sold out?

October 04 2016 at 09:10 PM

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