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Enjoy the Red, White, and Blue Pack!  The Red, White, and Blue Pack has been carefully selected to offer you with varietals with energy, soothing relief, and all natural wellness! Available now


  1. Red Bang Baru - 125g

  2. White Vein - 125g

  3. Spec B - 125g 

White Vein 

Our new White Vein releases a strong energizing aroma, ideal for providing you with the energy you need for your Independence Day barbeque, and other festivities!  This balanced Mitra is 100% all natural, offering an energetic aroma, great for endurance and energy.  The perfect varietal for your all natural energy needs.   

Spec B

Spec B is the Major's own blend of red and green kratom, offering a balanced and relieving effect on your all natural wellness! Spec B may be the most popular custom varietal on the market today.

Red Bang Baru 

A great choice to break up the typical red, green, and white, strains that we are so accustomed to. Red Bang is from the Baru region and is quite a different growing region  and therefore an nice alternative to Borneos, Sumatrans, Balis, and Indos.

The Red, White, and Blue Pack is available here

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Legality Update

Congress includes funding for kratom research in Appropriations Bill. Learn more here.

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