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Winter Testers' Club Members can find everything they may need on this page. Links to the kit documents and the questionnaire will be made available here when kits are sent the end of January.


Enjoy 8 aromas!   

This is an exclusive club for enjoying The Major's premium all natural kratom varietals! Provide your feedback to help The Major decide which varietals will become regular offerings, and to receive 25% off a future purchase! 

Here is the Testers' Club breakdown:

1) Purchase a Tester's Kit 

2) While experiencing each aroma, keep detailed notes in the Tester's Notebook (included in the Kit)

3) Use your notes to complete the online questionnaire by March 25, to receive 25% off of a future order 

The Tester's Kit includes: [25 grams of each strain]

  • 2 Red Strains: Red A, Red B
  • 2 Green Strains: Green A, Green B
  • 2 White Strains: White A, White B
  • 2 Maeng Da Strains: Blue A, Blue B
  • The Tester's Notebook -- an instruction booklet, with worksheets to help you evaluate of each strain
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    --> 2016 Questionnaire <--

    Experience the aromas at your leisure, and keep track of your impressions in the Tester's Notebook. We suggest starting with the samples marked A, and the next time you test, sample the complementary tin marked B. You will notice the Tester's Notebook has questions to help guide you in your evaluation of each strain. After you experience the A and B aromas of each strain, do a final comparison of the two, and write your notes down. Repeat this process for each aroma.  

    When you have tested each varietal, complete the online questionnaire (questions are identical to the questions present in the Tester's Notebook). The comments you provide will help The Major and his team develop accurate character profiles for each strain. All feedback will go towards the decision of which strains will stay, and which strains will go. Completion of the online questionnaire will make you eligible for 25% off your next purchase. 

    The Questionnaire, how you'll get 25% off a future order:

    The Winter Testers' Club comes with a Winter Testers' Workbook. This can be used to take notes, and help guide you as your experience the different aroma's.  After you have experienced all of the aromas, take our online Winter Testers' Club Questionnaire. Using your Winter Testers' Workbook, answer the questions to the best of your ability. The more specific, the better! Remember: We're asking that all questionnaires be completed before March 25; if you need a little more time, please let us know ahead-of-time.

    Please refer to our FAQs below for specific details. If you have any questions, contact the team via email at or give The Major a call at 802-988-0506.

    We look forward to your participation and your feedback!


    I have pre-registered, what do I do know?

    Thank you for pre-registering. You will receive an email towards the end of next week. The email will include a secure link to purchase your reserved Winter Tester's Club Kit. 

    Do I get a bonus tin with my purchase of the Testers' Club?

    Bonus tins are only provided when purchasing a 125g bag or more. Since the Tester's Kit is a collection of tins, you will not be receiving a Bonus Tin. However, the Kit is about an 18% discount compared to the retail price of eight tins. It's like getting 1 1/2 tins for free!

    I've purchased the Kit, I've tested the samples, now where is my discount!?

    The online questionnaire MUST be filled out to make a Tester eligible for the 25% off discount. This saving is HUGE. The Tester's Notebook questions are identical to the questions on the online questionnaire, so if a Tester used the Notebook as a guide, the majority of the project will be complete. It wont take long to complete the online questionnaire, and a 25% saving off of an average order order will be $20. 

    How long will the Winter Testers' Club be available?

    Seats will remain open until filled. Availability is limited, and seats are being filled daily! Order now to ensure you don't miss out. 

    I've ordered my Kit online, when will I receive it?

    As of now, Winter Testers' Club Kits will be mailed the last week of January. 




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