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Golden Leaf

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Smooth, clean and exceptionally rare. Nearly invisible in availability and weight.

Golden Leaf is a rare varietal available only when the trees are blooming. This is a true connoisseurs kratom is available twice a year at most, and is made even more rare by the exploitation of the kratom industry which favors young trees with high yields. Golden Leaf comes from old growth trees, and it is smooth and clean, but not strong or energizing.

Similar to Red Vein Borneo, without the heaviness, Golden Leaf is nearly invisible, yet it is very much present as you will find out.

Click on the weight selection box above to toggle between 125, 250, and 400 gram bags. Bad at the metric system? 

25 grams = .88 oz

125 grams = 4.4 oz

250 grams = 8.8 oz

400 grams = 14.1 oz


Sold as a bulk botanical with no directions or claims.

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